Sharpening Service

Specialized sharpening service

N.B. Service avaliable only for shipments from Italy.
Service available for Leader-cam scissors
and other brands.



phone: +39 0427 72549

Cleaning and maintenance

After cleaning, the meal tools should always be lubricated to maintain their functionality for a longer time. Oil your tool at least weekly , around the screw and between the blades; using only oils for scissors and avoiding vegetable oils. A lump of oil can attract dusts and hairs on the oiled part making it more difficult to clean. Choose a safe place where to store your scissors and take the habit of storing them
always on the same place once used. Close always the blades before putting them. Putting the scissors on your workplace, often leave the risk to cover them with a towel and making them fall into the ground creating in this way teeth on the blades. If your scissors, despite a correct use, don’t cut well, Leader-cam offers you a maintenance service including : repair, adjustment and sharpening.