60 years of history: a strong tradition of which we have engaged the most advanced technology. Adding also typically Italian tasteful design.

The company

Excellence comes also from the territory. Leader-cam was born in a district suited to the workmanship of blades and metals.

A product made in Italy

We work in Italy, we invest in Italy. We married the experience of the artisan with the open-mind and the curiosity of the traveller for business. Our scissors tell about where they are born and travel carrying unmistakable quality.

Over 200 manual steps

We have studied and the machines helped us realize our vision of scissors of excellence. But we have also maintained the craftsmanship tradition: our people, whom handed down the craft from one generation to the other, make on each scissor many manual working-steps, searching for perfection.

From our hands to yours: meticulous tests for each scissor. Before arriving into your hands, each scissor is tested meticulously by the hands of our experts. A product that is pleased for the excellence of material and style in the design.. We collaborate with great hair stylists, we work with them for obtaining common satisfactions.

Customer focused

Who knows us knows that we can always fi nd a ready answer to every need. The professional sharpening service (also for other brands) is just one of the after sales service we give..

Ergonomy meets elegance

The ergonomics studies the interaction between the man and the ergonomy. The scissor is the main tool for hairdressers, this is why it should easily be an extension of the hand. It is used for hours so the interaction between the tool and the body must be perfect to prevent tiredness, fatigue and other more consistent ailments. Leader-cam has created a project to fi nd the ideal parameters for each scissor in collaboration with the Area Science Park, the Science and Technologic Park of Trieste.