Foundiers Interview

In just a few decades, you have become the leader
of your market. When did you realize that your vocation
would be the production of scissors?

Our knowledge comes from a tradition passed down
from our grandparents and parents who used to make
knives, scissors for agriculture and homework scissors.
When we entered into the company, we immediately
tried to realize our passion for the production
of special blades. The next step was a short one
for the production of professional hairdressing scissors.

How important was it to be part of an area
of excellence for the blades production as Maniago?

The context matters a lot. In the area of Maniago
there were already productions of cutting tools such
as knives, nippers and scissors for agriculture with
excellent results.

How would you define the spirit of your company?
Our company is a craftsmanship level one that has
in the DNA the culture and the passion of perfection
on cutting.

Your market is a very competitive one.
What is the key to always responding promptly?

The most important markets for us are the Italian
and the German ones, where our product has always
been considered an Excellent one for Quality,
due to the experience and the continuous evolution
of production technology. But first of all the design
is always to be more innovative.

You are still young, but did you already programme
the generation continuity? The culture and passion
are passed down “ad personam”!

Nowadays we have in the company young people
passionate and informed, who share our choices
and provide a continuous incentive to the aesthetics
and production improvement.

What is the most important knowledge you have
received from your fathers, and that you would like
to pass down to your children?

The philosophy of our fathers, that we’re espousing
in everything and that we’re trying to pass down
is very simple: it is not the achievement of ambitious
economic levels to make us feel good, but being
considered by our customers a serious company
that is producing the same quality today, as yesterday.

Still it seems that also the large multinational
companies appreciate you?

It’s true, we are partners with major global companies
that distribute our products in various markets.
But the way we work and our vision of the world
certainly didn’t change.