You have a highly professional tool in your hand and if you respect our advice, the only normal annoyance that you will have will be the sharpening, this can entail a quick “check-up” that will allow you to have perfect scissors every time you pick them up.Why should you rely on a professional? Leader-cam knows the products. He creates them with passion and with passion, he follows them.

Sharpening is still a delicate operation. e.g., for thinning scissors, it takes great experience, manual skills and a special wheel to grind and restore the microserration which few are equipped to do.The cutting shears may appear simpler, but, for the most usual haircuts with a very sharp cutting angle, the profile of the scissors can be almost convex: relying on the sharpening by a professional is always the best option.

For each operation a specific skill is needed. Remember that the cutting edge for all the most complex types of haircuts including sliding cuts must be done and re-enacted by proper professionals, for real hair professionals! The sharpening of particularly delicate profiles must be strictly done by hand. It is a work of precision, experience and dexterity that not everyone is able to perform.

This is why Leader-cam has created the personalized sharpening service. Our sharpening service is not limited to grinding it is a real general check-up we do to your scissors to keep the sensations that a product made by hand can give.

The SERVICE for the scissors that reach us in assistance, includes a series of operations that are performed according to our testing procedure. A scissor that passes all our control steps can well be said, and rightly so, like new!

Inspection and reviewing


The first check of the scissors that enters or returns to us is the accurate visual and manual control to verify the correspondence of the scissors to our standards. For those who require it, a short report is put in writing that lists all the faults detected at the time of arrival. If you read well, you will find that many can be avoided and that they are due to some bad habits or the lack of prudence in keeping your scissors at best.



It is a operation that only a few skilled workers can do. As said, for the sharpest angles, it is made entirely by hand. The first processing is performed on the inner blade with diamond grinding wheels with very fine grain. This first intervention follows the control of the blade on a matching plane, precisely to assess whether the outcome of the first machining corresponds to the reset of the reported defects. The actual sharpening is done using diamond grinding tapes: in this phase all the defects of the cutting edge are eliminated and zeroed. At this point it is the moment of polishing the cutting edge that is operated (since antiquity, it would be said) on leather grinding wheels. The first cutting test follows. Now it's time for the tips. They are adjusted to achieve precision closure and subsequently polished.

Sharpening service


We always say that to appreciate one of our scissors you must hold it in your hand. The psychophysical balance that will transmit to you is our greatest pride. For this, we always bring your scissors to their original perfection. After sharpening, the correct function of the screw system and the adjustment of the bolt are checked. It is very important that the movement of the blades is always fluid. Feeling the softness of the movement is not just a sensory pleasure, but a good way to the hours of work that await you with your scissors. It is estimated that a professional hairdresser opens and closes the scissors an average of 12.000 (twelve thousand!) times a day. The fluidity of the movements is fundamental for correct ergonomics, to prevent cramps and aches and to make the work easier and lighter.



The material hardness test is a further check that the scissor must pass! The new laser marking indicates the inspection date. A useful info for us and especially, for you.

cutting test


Once the sharpenning process is done, there’s one last check to overcome that seems the simplest, but only one of our experts can confirm the return of your scissor as good as new ( refurbished); a well-sharpened scissor lasts longer, and will always give you a lot of satisfactions. The final cutting test is done on a special moistned paper and finally on the hair.



Now the scissor is ready for the shipping, or rather , the re-shipment. But not before completing two more carefulness, two cautions so the scissor arrive as new; A technician inserts the scissors tip on a special sheath and then put the scissor on a protective transport blister.



Our transport Courier will come directly to you to pick up your scissor(s)
Take care to pack them very well in order that they don’t get damaged.
We guarantee your scissor return in a maximun of 14 working days from the pick-up date through the same courier service .
You will receive, together with your scissor, a special enveloppe that you can use easily for your next shapening service.


Our sharpenning service is also valid for scissors of other brands, to which we devote the same attention and care.



Leader scissors: 45,00€ each
Shidosha scissors : 59,00€ each
Other brands : 59,00€ each
Handeling costs and shipping: included
Tax free



Take care of your scissors and they will last even longer, giving you more satisfaction and less stress on your hands. • Avoid dropping them. • Clean them at the end of the day • Store them in their case or wrap them in a soft cloth • Only lubricate with specific oils. • Kept the tension under control: too tight could cause excess in the blades ware; too loose it may cause loss of control and cause nicks on the cutting edge. The adjustment of the tension must always be done with the blades closed.


Sometimes the received scissors have defects that compromise the product’s efficienzy and the sharpenning performed. Our sharpenning service covers mainly very large requests of Leader and Shidosha scissors, restoring your scissors as a factory new. If you have any doubt concerning your scissor’s damage, send us a picture including details of the damaged part, we will inform you as soon as possible if the scissor can be repaired. Our service does not cover original spare parts of other branded scissors.

Take a picture of your scissors with your smartphone and send it to this We will immediately reply on the feasibility.