Passione Thinner Lefty

Left-handed scissors

Leader Passione thinning scissor in Damascus steel for left-handed consumers


LEADER Passione Thinner is one of the most prestigious models in our entire line that we have also chosen to offer in a lefty version, so as to guarantee our top quality for for left-handed users! Passione Thinner Lefty is made in Damascus steel. Like all the damask scissors in our range, it has a wonderful special feature: each scissor is a unique piece, handcrafted and finished with the utmost care. Moreover each scissor is different from the others: the feathered pattern of the Damascus steel will always be different in each piece.

Passione Thinner Lefty, with its 29 curved 3 tipped teeth, guarantee a smoother and more precise cut. The ergonomic handles are even more comfortable thanks to the bent ring.

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technical specifications
Leader code
Available sizes
Ring size
21 mm
Teeth number
Ergonomic, bent ring
Damask steel
Surface treatment
Adjustable flat screw
52 g
Plus of product
Damascus steel
Thanks to the use of Damascus steel, each Damask scissor has a unique design which makes the pattern for each scissor one of a kind.
Bent rings
To easily change the hand position during the cutting tip.
Curved 3-tipped teeth
Guarantees a smoother and more precise thinning cut.
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