YS-Park extra-flexible barber comb for finishing touches


YS-Park 201 is a barber comb that measures 16.5 cm.

The handle is designed to fit perfectly in the hand and fingertips for a greater comfort during use. The small fine spaced teeth are perfect for detailing or finishing.

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technical specifications
Leader code
YS-201 B
16,5 cm
8 g
Available colors
Black - White
Barber comb
Super plastic
Plus of product
Heat resistant
The YS-Park combs that we have selected for you can easily withstand high temperatures up to 220°C (428°F).
Thin teeth
To guarantee maximum efficiency in precision styling, the teeth are even smaller and more closely spaced which helps to select and handle the lock of hair.
Comfortable design
The shape was specifically designed to perfectly adapt to hairstylist's hands, allowing them to work many hours without fatigue.
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