YS-Park extra-flexible barber comb for bulk trimming


YS-Park 209 is a barber comb that measures 20,5 cm.

The handle is designed to fit perfectly in the hand and fingertips for a greater comfort during use, perfect even for beginners, facilitating all types of cutting.

The body of YS-209 is robust, strong and flexible. It allows it to bend without breaking.

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technical specifications
Leader code
YS-209 B
20,5 cm
16 g
Available colors
Black - White - Red
Barber comb
Super plastic
Plus of product
Heat resistant
The YS-Park combs that we have selected for you can easily withstand high temperatures up to 220°C (428°F).
Exceptional flexibility
The YS-209 comb is very soft and flexible, it adapts perfectly to the clients head and makes each movement easy without the risk of it breaking.
Ergonomic and comfortable
The grip is very soft and extremely comfortable, adapting itself to each type of hand and various positions, also perfect for hairstylists who are at the beginning stages of their careers!
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