YS-Park cutting comb with both thin and wide teeth


YS Park 332 is a cutting comb which measures 18.5 cm with square and round teeth for complete versatility. It allows you to change cutting techniques with extreme ease. Made with high-grade super plastic that can withstand heat up to 220° C (428°F) and is resistant to chemical agents. The comb and its teeth are extremely flexible and resistant. The special holes on the back, at 1 cm intervals, allow the length of the hair to be monitored and measured. The first shortened tooth assists in parting locks of hair.

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technical specifications
Leader code
YS-332 B
18,5 cm
10 g
Available colors
Black - White - Red
Cutting Comb
Super plastic
Plus of product
Heat resistant
The YS-Park combs that we have selected for you can easily withstand high temperatures up to 220°C (428°F).
Carbon Black
The BLACK version is enriched with carbon particles to reduce static electricity.
Guaranteed versatility
This comb is composed of both square and round teeth, which facilitates the changing of techniques without any problems.
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