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A long or short blade, thinning or micro serrated, for clean cuts or thinning cuts, with offset, ergonomic or classic handles: hairstyling scissors directly reflect the habits and style of each professional hairstylist and meet any specific needs and functions. In addition to offering a complete range of products, LEADER provides aided support to customers with advice and personalized consultations either in our showroom or directly at your salon.

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Why choose LEADER scissors
The best professional scissors for cutting, thinning, and sliding

Our goal is to enhance your work, for this motive each LEADER model is conceived, designed, and produced with a focus on best fulfilling each specific function. The selection of the steel, the design and the optimization of fluidity, ergonomics, balancing, the angle of the razor-sharp blade and the sharpening are all variables that play part. We pay maximum attention to each variable to create the perfect solution for each requirement.

Ergonomics and design

Have you ever counted how many times in a single day a professional hairdresser opens and closes a pair of scissors? A plethora, without exaggeration. A repetitive movement that may compromise the quality of work and provoke fatigue if it isn’t supported by an ergonomic scissor and an optimal fluid movement. One of our primary goals is to supply you with a scissor that’s ergonomic, easy to use and efficient for perfect cuts. We scrupulously monitor each phase: from the design to production to the sharpening. This allows us to continuously guarantee only the best.

Perfect sharpening

The sharpening service is one of LEADER’s strong points. With over 70 years of experience in the industry, the know-how of an entire industrial district which has historically been committed to the craftsmanship of blades, and a team of artisanal professionals, who still complete specific processes and functions by hand, allows us to guarantee a cutting quality that doesn’t fear rivals. Very few have the competence of manual precision and attention to detail, which is what makes LEADER scissors absolutely precise, reliable, and durable.

Let yourself be inspired…

Are you looking for new tips for selecting your next pair of scissors to increase your offer? Let yourself be inspired by Luca Dessoni, a professional hairstylist trained in various academies in Milan and a speaker in various hairstyling refresher courses. Luca always uses and commends our extraordinary products!

8 scissors for 8 cutting techniques

Together with Luca Dessoni, we have selected 8 LEADER scissors to create 8 different cutting techniques. Discover the characteristics of each scissors and the advantages they provide by performing the most fashionable cuts!


Blunt Cut: a clean straight cut with KISS scissors

Directly influenced by the 90’s grunge cuts, it is a cut of clean and straight lines, full and blunt, a perfect cut for all face shapes and types of hair. Cutting hair perfectly is fundamental. The technique foresees cutting hair in a clean and precise manner, perpendicular to each lock of hair.

To perfectly create this technique LEADER and Luca Dessoni suggest a popular classic from our range: KISS, a perfectly balanced ergonomic scissor immediately adapts itself to your hand thus giving you a secure hold which is essential for a clean, blunt cut.

Chop Cut: layering hair with the NEW VENEZIA tips

A fresh, fun and natural cut, distinguished by a tousled effect with airy waves that gives energy and a bohemian style.

This technique allows you to insert the scissor tips in a vertical position compared to the lock of hair. In this way, the delicate texture of the cut can be created with control allowing you to create a stronger or lighter texture.

For the CHOP CUT we have selected NEW VENEZIA, a new model of minimalist design. Compact, light, and symmetrical, it guarantees maximum manageability and functional capacity. The thin blades allow you to select the desired angle of inclination.

Stroke Cutting with MELISSA cutting scissors

This cutting technique is used to amplify a feeling of lightness. It is created by delicately shaking the scissors while adjusting the length. The hand needs to be in a solid position but, at the same time the wrist needs to be able to maintain a certain flexibility in the movements: the handles have a fundamental importance for this technique. To permit both movements, we recommend our cutting scissor MELISSA. Thanks to its offset handles, it was created to work at any inclination without tiring the hand or wrist.


Slide Cut: slicing with MONSTER scissors

The slide cut is used as a softer alternative compared to the blunt cut technique. An ideal solution to obtain a lighter effect on the lengths. The sliding of the scissors on the locks of hair allows you to cut only some layers without compromising the overall length. The technique is created by using movements from top to bottom by smoothly sliding the scissor’s blades along the edge of the hair while you slightly open and close the blades. It is important to maintain the correct angle during the cutting motion of the scissor. MONSTER, with its robust blades and convex sharpening, guarantees an optimal sliding effect. When in contact with the sharp edge of the blade, the hair is immediately cut without any effort. This helps prevent the formation of split ends and guarantees the success of the cut.

Scissors Over Comb: razor effect with SPADA scissors

The scissor over comb technique is one of the techniques most frequently used by barbers to achieve a razor effect. According to the length and type of hair to cut, the barber selects the type of comb and the scissor to be used. To play it safe, we at LEADER recommend our SPADA model, a scissor with a long blade which facilitates the scissor over comb technique. The ergonomic handles alleviate stress on the hand and wrist, even after many hours of cutting.

Thinning: MELISSA SF thinning scissors

The overall result of a thinning cut depends on the number of teeth present on the thinning blade of the scissors used for this technique. One essential element for an excellent outcome for this technique is our scissor MELISSA SFOLTIRE, with 27 triple tip curved teeth for a clean cut and super comfortable offset handles.

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