Professional sharpening for hairstyling scissors

A service of excellence dedicated to professional hairstylists

Professional scissors are precision tools that enhance the creativity and dedication of hairstylists and barbers on a daily basis. Therefore, they periodically require a small servicing which optimizes sharpness and performance. The scissors can be produced with different steels and therefore, before starting any regeneration, it is important to determine the type to avoid causing damage, perhaps not visible but able to compromise the functionality of the scissors.

Each scissor is diverse per function, design and cutting angle, in fact, they require specific interventions for each feature. Each blade has a different edge, and the service is performed in accordance with this specific characteristic. It is a manual task of precision and knowledge, which not everyone can do.

At LEADER we have the experience, the resources, and the most skilled craftsmen to assure you a meticulous and precise service. For this we have developed a rapid personalized system including pick-up, servicing and delivery for all LEADER models and the main brands on the market.

We take care of everything!


You won’t have to worry about a thing, we will take care of everything. Once we schedule a date and time for pick-up, our courier will collect the scissors to be sharpened at the address indicated in the instructions.


All we ask is for you to carefully prepare the scissors in a protective package, so they will not be damaged during shipment, including a note with your information: full name, address, telephone number and any further information that may be required.


From the pick-up date, we guarantee service and delivery within a maximum of 10 working days. As soon as the scissors are ready, they will be shipped and delivered by our selected courier. Each scissor will be placed in a protective packaging, which can be reused for the next sharpening service.

Professional scissor sharpening service

It is a task which only a few specialized craftsmen can do. For example, the more acute cutting angles are still done entirely by hand. The first step is performed on the entire blade with the use of very thin grain horizontal diamond mole and is followed by the inspection of the blade on a precision comparator. The actual sharpening is performed by utilizing a diamond finish belt: in this phase all the defects present on the blade’s edge are eliminated. The next phase entails the polishing on a cowhide mole and then the first cutting test. Finally, prior to the polishing, we regulate and register the tips to obtain a precise closure of the scissors.

Balance, alignment and registration

We often repeat that the best way to value a pair of LEADER scissors is to hold it in your hand. We take great pride in the sensation of perfect balance and manageability that it transmits. Inspired by this ideal, we work meticulously to restore the original precision of your scissors. After the sharpening service, the scissor is then inspected to ensure the correct function of the screw and the regulation of the bolt to make sure that the movement of the blades is perfectly smooth. On average, a professional hairstylist opens and closes a pair of scissors 12,000 times (twelve thousand!) per day. Fluidity is the basis for the best ergonomic use, it helps prevent cramps, irritation and renders the cutting process as comfortable and precise as possible.

Bilanciamento e registrazione

Lo ripetiamo spesso: il modo più semplice per apprezzare una forbice LEADER è tenerla in mano. La sensazione di perfetto bilanciamento e maneggevolezza che vi trasmetterà è il nostro più grande orgoglio. Spinti da questo ideale, lavoriamo meticolosamente per riportare le vostre forbici alla loro perfezione originale. Dopo l’affilatura, viene eseguito il controllo della corretta funzionalità del perno di serraggio e la regolazione del bullone, per assicurare che il movimento delle lame sia sempre fluido. In media un parrucchiere professionista apre e chiude la forbice 12.000 (dodicimila!) volte al giorno. La fluidità dei movimenti è basilare per una corretta ergonomia, per prevenire crampi e irritazioni e rendere il lavoro preciso e leggero.